Aksh Subsidiary

Aksh Technologies Mauritius Ltd.

ATML: Aksh Technologies Mauritius Ltd. (ATML), a direct subsidiary of Aksh Optifibre Limited (Listed in BSE), is partnering with Electrum (Mauritius) Ltd. (EML) to not only manufacture optical fibre cables in Mauritius but also to market the same domestically & globally. With this business alignment, the group is geared up to furnish cutting-edge technology, proficient consultancy and engineering expertise in the domain of digital / telecommunications world


AOL :: AOL FRP is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aksh Optifibre Limited (Listed in BSE). Aksh is now the largest FRP rod producer, supplying to all optical fibre cable manufacturers in 56 countries across six continents. With its functions in Dubai AOL FZE enhances the Group's ability to serve global markets.


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