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Ophthalmic Lens

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In today's digital world eye glasses are not merely a tool for vision correction and eye fashion but also essential for good eye health. AKSH has pushed boundaries to bring the best ophthalmic molded lenses with intelligent thermal-lens casting technology. We strive to provide quality lenses at affordable price.


For the first time in India AKSH has introduced lens molding and taping technology on such a vast scale. The company has manufacturing facility of 40,000 Sq. ft. in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan.

  • Polymer lens casting technology with advance automated mould taping
  • Automated dip hard coat process with advanced precision controlled robotic arm to control coating film thickness.
  • Ion assisted e-beam evaporation technology for AR coating that provides superior adhesion on lenses with excellent durability.
  • Mitsui Monomer - KOC55W premium lens monomer material from Mitsui Chemical group that excellent optical property

Aksh Lens Features

Optical Features

  • Mid Refractive Index - High optical performance.
  • High Abbe Number - Minimize Chromatic Abberation.
  • UV 400 EMI - Inbuilt feature provide safety from unwanted UV rays.
  • Blue Filter - Protection from harmful high energy blue rays of bandwidth between 380- 450 nm.

Mechanical Features

  • Lighter and Thinner lenses - Comfortable as 20% lighter than CR39.
  • High Impact Resistance- Promotes wearer eye safety.
  • Durability- Enhances life cycle

Aesthetic Features

  • Comfortable- Light and thinner lenses giving a quintessential look.
  • Personality Quotient- Variety of ARC reflection yellow, green, blue, violet and red enhances your personality.
  • Fashion statement - Wide range of Mirror Coating fusion style as per your fashion need.

Product Range

*Fog ID is available on demand


Upcoming Range

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