Aksh Subsidiary

Wholly Owned Subsidiary:

Aksh Composites Private Limited

ACPL: Aksh Composites Private Limited Incorporated in the year 2013, the subsidiary was renamed after acquiring Unitape Mandovli Pvt Ltd Silvassa. This manufacturing entity caters to the growing FRP rod demand domestically and also Optical Fibre Cable supplies to the various small scale ISP's and data network companies withing the vicinity of its given geography.


AOL FZE : Incorporated in the year 2010 in SAIF zone Jafza Jebel Ali UAE, the entity houses Aksh's second largest state of the art FRP manufacturing facility outside India. The entity is being setup to cater to the rapidly growing global demand for FRP rods, served through the tax free and export friendly free trade zone in Jebel Ali, Sharjah UAE.

AOL Technologies FZE

AOL Technologies FZE : Incorporated in the year 2017, the entity is engaged in manufacturing of finest quality Optical Fibre through glass preform. The entity is strategically located near the port in the free trade zone to cater to the global market in a much needed competitive price and efficient customer serviceability.

Aksh Technologies (Mauritius) Limited

Aksh Technologies (Mauritius) Limited : Incorporated in 2017, ATML is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aksh Optifibre Limited, is not only manufacturing optical fibre cables in Mauritius but also marketing the same domestically & globally. With this business entity, the group is geared up to furnish cutting-edge technology, proficient consultancy and engineering expertise in the domain of digital / telecommunications world.

Step Down Subsidiary

AOL Composites (Jiangsu) Co. Ltd

AOL Composites (Jiangsu) Co. Ltd :Incorporated in 2017, this is stepdown subsidiary of AOL FZE Dubai. This entity houses the state of the art FRP rod manufacturing facility in the province of Jiangsu China. Keeping in mind the robust Chinese demand for OFC, strategically locating our FRP Rod manufacturing unit in the most industrial city of Jiangsu China augurs well as a strategy to serve our Chinese customers for our FRP Rods.

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